Direct Line Feed / Just In Time delivery

ALA is specialized in Direct Line Feed (DLF) and Just In Time (JIT) delivery services for a wide range of products. DLF and JIT services are customized on the characteristics of each customer needs and production lines.

The DLF service provides products to the customer exactly where and when them are needed, improving effectiveness and driving down costs.

The immediate results are: no shortages, inventory optimization and process simplification with the externalization of no-core activities as procurement, material handling, quality control, inventory optimization and storage inspections.


ALA offers advanced and tailor-made Kitting Services for a wide range of manufacturing, assembly and MRO companies. ALA provides fully traceable kits, going from simple to advanced kitting solutions, incorporating the best solution for the specific customer need. A kitting solution with a KanBan approach guarantees full availability of products, with no shortages, improved performance and savings. Kits can be used as a Kanban system, as a signal to activate the refuelling according to a full-empty logic in a specifically identified area at our customers plants.

ALA offers innovative solutions, with:

Kits Available: Simple – Sequential – Serialization (LIN) – Refurbishment – Vending Machines

Suppliers Relationship Management

ALA is a specialist in aerospace and defense products procurement, with more than 30 years of experience and a wide range of products managed for all aerospace market sectors and production platforms. Leveraging on experience, dimensions and volumes, ALA is able to provide competitive prices, lead times, quality requirements and performance for a wide range of products, leading to world class levels of customer service.

Today ALA manages about 1300 integrated suppliers worldwide for both direct (fasteners, electricals, etc.) and indirect (cutting tools, PPE, etc ) materials.
ALA Suppliers Relationship Management is key to increase supply chain management optimization, reducing costs and improving performances.