Corporate Social Responsibility

There is a new insight in the globalized world: doing business is not only about making a profit, but it is also about having the capacity of sharing the generated value with stakeholders and the surrounding context.

Indeed, we are in an era in which growth and development are pursued considering the present needs, without undermining those of the future generations. To create shared value, companies should be able to cope with economic, social and environmental goals with a view to sustainability. Companies believing in this principle strive to integrate sustainability in their own business model. They commit to adopt comprehensive, widespread and clear communication policies going beyond the mere representation of economic and financial results. ALA has decided to align to these facts voluntarily, and with great excitement, take up the challenge represented by the Corporate Social Responsibility 2019 to support the cultural transformation process that started some time ago. Such process has led the Company to the assumption of a corporate identity aimed at sustainability values.
This is about an initial evaluation phase related to the financial year 2019. ALA, which intends to give continuity to such process, expects to obtain constant and durable improvements thanks to the commitment and work done by the whole organization.



ALA started a campaign to make the office plastic free. Starting from 2020, the Company has been installing purified water dispensers in its main offices, and at the same time has distributed customized thermal bottles to all employees of the group.

Furthermore, in the vending machines, plastic cups are progressively being replaced with ecological ones.



In 2020 ALA SpA has achieved the internationally recognized ISO 14001:2015 certification, a standard that specifies the requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS).

The ISO 14001:2015 standard is a voluntary certification that monitors the organization’s environmental performance and provides assurance that all possible environmental impacts are being assessed, measured and minimized.

ALA For Art


Art has always been a socio-economic growth tool, a vehicle for the flow of ideas and innovation.
ALA For Art was launched in 2021 as a container of initiatives dedicated to art in all its shapes, reflecting ALA’s commitment to support culture and promote artistic development, by enhancing the surrounding environment’s identity and creativity.
We intend to contribute to the successful synergy between the world of culture and business, shaping a new space for discussion between art and enterprise.
In 2021, we created the ALA Art Prize to support, enhance and promote young talents and to simultaneously show different forms of expression of the current artistic scene.
The winning artwork will become part of ALA’s Corporate Art Collection, housed in our Company headquarters in Teatro Mediterraneo, at Mostra d’Oltremare of Naples.
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TEATRO SAN CARLO – Concerto di Imprese


For the three-year period 2019-2021, ALA is part of the Concerto di Imprese project for Teatro San Carlo.

Teatro di San Carlo, is an opera house in Naples, Italy. It is the oldest continuously active venue for opera in the world.

The Concerto di Imprese Project is supported by a group of entrepreneurial excellence from the Campania region which has joined forces to implement interventions to support the establishment, promotion and development of the artistic offer at the Teatro San Carlo. A joint action that is outlined as a project to enhance the historical musical heritage, artistic mobility, exchange of ideas, the transnational circulation of cultural and artistic works and experts.
ALA is a Gold Supporting Member for Concerto di Imprese Project.
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Ala for People


The first edition of the prize MAKE IT HAPPEN AWARD in 2020 is born in memory of Franco Scannapieco, President Fulvio Scannapieco’s brother and first founder of what nowadays we know as ALA.

The MAKE IT HAPPEN AWARD contest is not only a moment for honoring Franco Scannapieco’s memory but it is also an opportunity to stimulate a bottom-up improvement process, based both on the imprinting he gave to the Company and on the intuitions of those who build and live the Company with their work day after day.

With this in mind, three essential areas have been defined: Innovation, Process Efficiency and Sustainability, these are key elements in which the Company’s growth should be based on. ALA employees are invited to participate by submitting their own idea. The first two ideas regarded as the most compelling will be chosen.
In December 2020 the 2 winning ideas have been selected. The 2020 edition is just the first one: our intention is to continue with future editions, with this award becoming a full part of ALA’s internal process of innovation.