Marco Gatta

ALA North America General Manager

In November 2017 Marco was appointed General Manager and Chief Operations Officer for North America after a long career path in ALA.
Marco joined ALA in Italy (former Aip Italia) in 2007. Marco, through a process of Job Rotation, has experienced different Core Functions in ALA, moving from Planning and Follow-up activities to Procurement and after to Technical Sales , keeping always an eye on Information Technology activities, one of his passions.

After 5 years, Marco moved to the US, for the start-up of ALA Group in North America due to the acquisition of Aerolyusa and Westbury, two sister companies in Long Island, New York.

AAs Operations Manager of the USA companies, he focused his attention on coordinating processes and software integration. He started to approach with a new business: the Oil & Gas market.

Marco holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering at “University of Naples Federico II” in Italy.