Fulvio Scannapieco

Founder & Chairman

Fulvio founded AIP Italia in 1995, with his brother Franco and Vittorio Genna, where he served as CEO first and subsequently as President.

In 2009, Fulvio and Vittorio led the merger of AIP Italia with Avio Import, creating a new company, ALA SpA, today under control of AIP Italia..
Fulvio was CEO and Chairman of ALA from 2010 until 2015. Today Fulvio is Chairman of the Board of Directors Before founding AIP Italia, Fulvio worked for several years at Mededil – Società di Edilizia Mediterranea S.p.A., a public company of the group IRI Italstat, where he served as General Affairs Executive.

Fulvio holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Naples Federico II.