ALA for Art 2023

February 14th, 2023

ALA Art Prize 2023

a project by ALA FOR ART
deadline  30 MARCH 2023


The ALA ART PRIZE 2023, an initiative by ALA For Art promoted by the ALA Group, kicks off for the third year running with an open call to all artists and collectives of artists aged between 18 and 40 operating in Italy.

The call will be open from February 14th to March 30th, 2023 ; participation is free, application via an online  form on our website

For its 2023 edition, the ALA Art Prize invites artists to engage with the idea of ​​habitat, a multilevel concept and metaphor for an ideal physical and relational environment to be investigated in its manifold articulations – natural and artificial, and in its social and cultural implications.

From the Latin habitare «to live» – properly «he lives», habitat is a term  borrowed from natural science, referring to the set of physical and environmental conditions of a place in which a species finds the best conditions for survival.

As a physical space within an ecosystem, it is a place inhabited by one or more organisms and an ever-changing living system evoking such concepts as coexistence, adaptation, protection that have become central in the contemporary debate on new ways of rethinking the dialogue between human beings and the Earth.

If it is anthropized, it then turns into a social habitat whose features are determined by the coexistence of environmental, cultural and relational factors. Hence the idea of ​​habitat as a populated community space, where individuals trigger social, organizational and economic processes with the ultimate aim of living together in an environment, whether this is public, like a city or an office, or personal and intimate, such as home.

“How can a complex concept like that of Habitat be declined according to the different sensitivities of the artists and the multiple languages ​​of art?” that is the question facing ALA, which artists are called upon to respond.

Besides the guiding theme of this edition, artists are invited to present an unpublished  site- specific project, designed to occupy one of the common spaces of the ALA headquarters in Naples,  within the Teatro Mediterraneo of  Mostra d’Oltremare.

The winning project  will be awarded a cash prize of € 10,000.00, necessary to cover the work’s production costs. Newly featured in this edition is the introduction of a fee for the artist who will receive a sum of € 2,000.00 for his/her work.

The prestigious 2022 Edition  Jury,  made up of international critics and curators is once again confirmed this year: Giovanni Carmine, Director of the Kunst Halle in San Gallo and curator of Art Basel Unlimited, Eugenio Viola, Chief Curator | MAMBO – Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá, Bogotá and Alessia Volpe, independent Curator and Director of the Ciaccia Levi Gallery in Paris.

One of the key objectives of the ALA Art Prize is set to be the desire to foster a dialogue between art, the workplace and its community,  thus establishing a space for discussion between business and contemporary creativity.  To encourage such connection, once again ALA has chosen to involve the people who every day  inhabit its spaces in the selection process of the winning art project.

“With the ALA Art Prize”, states Vittorio Genna, Vice President and co-founder of ALA, “supporting young artists on the contemporary scene becomes part of our commitment to a sustainable business model. For ALA, promoting culture means to reinvest the company generated value among the reference communities, first and foremost the one represented by the people working with us and  sharing the same workspace. A space, the headquarters of ALA, which, by virtue of the initiatives implemented through ALA For Art, becomes the perfect environment to experiment with new synergies. The latest edition of the Award included the participation of our team in the selection procedure of the winning project and the involvement of the Department IT ALA in the preparation stage of the work Luciferasi by Alberto Tadiello: two moments that represented a further step towards the contamination between the two increasingly interconnected languages of art and business. Our hope is to continue on the path traced in 2021 and implement it, well aware that working with art represents a growth opportunity for the Group that offers new perspectives of looking to the future”.

The winning artwork will become part of ALA’s corporate art collection, together with  the works of Alberto Tadiello, Luciferasi, and Mariangela Levita, UP, winners of the second and first edition of the ALA Art Prize, and with the works of Andrea Bolognino, Antonio Della Guardia and Giorgia Garzilli —the artists selected from the participants of the 1st edition of the award — acquired thanks to the ALA For Art Acquisition Program in 2022 in order to enrich the ALA collection.