Cerved Rating Agency improve A.L.A S.p.A. Public Rating from B1.2 to B1.1

December 28th, 2020

We are pleased to announce the Public Rating upgrade provided by Cerved Rating Agency to A.L.A. SpA, which has been promoted  from level B1.2 (assigned in May 2020) to level B1.1.
Both ratings are within the “Investment Grade zone”, certifying the Company’s solvency.

More specifically, Cerved focused on “The positive economic / financial trend shown by ALA during 2020, a year in which the Company proved to be resilient to the unfavorable macro- economic conditions – that have changed because of the Covid-19 pandemic spread on an international scale – effectively managing to achieve the objectives outlined in the budget.”

Fulvio Scannapieco, Chairman of ALA SpA, commented: “ALA SpA rating upgrade to B1.1 represents an important recognition of the direction taken by our company, confirming its solidity despite a year strongly marked by the pandemic”.

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ALA – Advanced Logistics for Aerospace is a global leading stocking distributor and supply chain solutions provider to the aerospace & defence, energy and industrial markets.
With headquarters in Naples, Italy, ALA has over 30 years of experience supplying both direct and indirect materials with a growing network of sales offices and operations in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Israel, Turkey, China, India and North America.