Marco Ferreira

ALA France General Manager

Marco joined ALA in 2020.

In his previous position, Marco was Regional Director – Southern EMEA for Wesco Aircraft Hardware (today Incora) for 9 years. As a People and Customer centric leader, Marco lead key strategic negotiations and partnerships developing the markets under his responsibility.
Before, Marco was Logistics, Supply Chain & Sales Administration Manager for SmartBox Experience where he lead the operations team with the focus on continuously improving Customer Experience.

Previously, Marco spent 6 years working for NetJets Europe, a leading private aviation operator and a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, where he covered different positions, from Airport Services & Logistics Coordinator; FBO Logistics and Special Events Field Representative to the appointment in 2007 to the role of Ground Operations & Logistics Manager for EMEA.

During his time at NetJets, Marco lead the creation of a dedicated ground services department as well as major negotiations with subcontractor base driving improved operational performance resulting on increased customer retention and overall profitability.

Marco holds a Master Degree in Human and Social Sciences from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa; an Erasmus experience at Université Paris 08, Paris; a Post Graduate Degree in Marketing Management & Business Communication from Universidade Lusíada in Lisbon.
Marco Holds also an EMBA – Toulouse, Paris, Casablanca, Barcelona – from TBS Toulouse Business School.