Jan Dohmeyer

ALA Germany General Manager

Jan joined ALA in November 2021.

In his previous position, Jan worked as Product Manager at Howmet Fastening Systems (former Arconic, Alcoa), in Hildesheim for more than 12 years. As Product Manager, Jan leads Budget and long-term forecast strategies converted into Sales and Operational planning. New Market Analyses for all Businesses, negotiations and partnerships developing was also under Jan’s responsibility.

Previously, Jan spent 16 years working for Bucher Schörling in different operational roles, working his way up to the position of Product & Production Manager, in Hannover. As Welding Quality Engineer, Jan was also responsible for all the European locations.

Jan holds a master’s degree in Business Development from the University of Hamburg; a bachelor’s degree in both Technical Business Administration and Technical Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hannover; as well as a diploma in International Welding Engineer from the SLV Hannover.