ALA – Advanced Logistics for Aerospace opens ALA Israel

ALA – Advanced Logistics for Aerospace is proud to announce a joint-venture agreement with the Israeli group Yail Noa and the opening of a new branch – ALA Israel trading as ALA Yail Aerotech Israel LTD, located in Tel Aviv.
ALA is the leader in Italy in fasteners and aerospace materials distribution, logistics and Service Provision with direct operations in 5 countries and one of the main competitors worldwide. ALA serves all the main aeronautical platforms with particular focus on F-35, ATR, A220 (ex C-Series), C130, M346, GEnx and
V2500 directly and on other Boeing and Airbus programs such as B787and A350 indirectly.
Yail Noa is an Israeli group with more than 40 years of experience as a distributor in several markets – and specifically for the Aerospace and Defense.
The agreement combines the strengths of ALA and Yail Noa and will leverage both companies’ industry expertise and geographical specialization. ALA Israel integrates Yail Noa’s deep knowledge of the Israeli aerospace and defense distribution industry and ALA’s experience and competence as Service Provider of aerospace parts for key manufacturers and main industry players.
Gennaro di Capua, CEO of ALA, commented “In 2010 our shareholders – Chairman Fulvio Scannapieco and Vice Chairman Vittorio Genna – established a path of international growth, throughout acquisitions, joint-ventures, organic growth and commercial ventures. The opening of ALA Israel is a key achievement for our strategy. We are committed to be close to our present and potential customers in Israel and in the area.”
ALA Israel will be led by Oren Goor, CEO of Yail Noa. “ALA Israel is an ambitious project: we aim to provide an increasing number of services establishing ourselves as a point of reference in the market for key players such as IAI, Elbit, Rafael, etc. We are looking forward to demonstrating the highest service levels and solutions tailored on their needs.”